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Our Impact

No matter your gender, race, or history, you all have the right to live free from violence, discrimination and to determine your own future.

Elizabeth Morgan House (EMH) works on the frontlines of the impacts of discrimination and oppression. 

Protecting and defending ourselves from the ongoing trauma of colonisation with its the forced removal of children, systemic racism and violence is ongoing. Many services continue to fail Aboriginal women.


EMH steps in to defend and uphold our women’s rights. 

Aboriginal women are inspiring leaders, keepers of knowledge, and exemplify bravery and courage. Together our resilience, community bonds, and deep understanding of what strategies are effective for well-being and safety, keep us strong. 

Collaboration and accountability are essential as we unite to ensure the inclusion of Aboriginal women in our collective efforts to create a future free from gender-based violence and any form of discrimination. 

Our Outcomes Framework highlights our approach to better outcomes for our women.

The issues 

Family violence continues to rise against Aboriginal women and their children

(source: Vic Crime Stats, 2023)

More information: What is Family Violence, Family Violence Impacts


Our response in 2022-2023

  • Developed plans to refurbish our Clarke St building into an Aboriginal Women’s Hub

  • Built a strong presence at the magistrates' courts within our catchment areas

  • Actively engaged in various meetings, events, and training sessions to enhance our expertise and stay updated on developments within our sector

  • Connected our women with inclusive employment opportunities and traineeships 

  • Established partnerships with community legal services to assist in applying for reductions or clearance of fines under the family violence scheme 

  • Provided outreach and face to face appointments with women  

  • After years of advocacy to DFFH to change the way they measure outcomes in crisis accommodation, our approach has been recognised 

  • Continued Roadshows, MARAMIS, Secondary consults to educate the sector



  • 643 intake enquires (100% of inquiries responded to)

  • 276 families supported

  • 4569 views of the resources on our website


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We work together with Aboriginal Women within their communities to ensure safe and culturally strong futures for our women, children and youth.  Join us as we continue to work towards a future that is free from gender-based violence and all forms of discrimination that denies Aboriginal women and children their rights. 

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Issues that matter to us right now: 



Links for further information:

Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2022

Who we are

Our Strategic Plan

Additional external resources

Indigenous rights navigator tool

Free and Equal - towards respect for the human rights of Indigenous Peoples of Australia

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission First Nations services

Want to lend your voice?

Elizabeth Morgan House is a member-based organisation and we encourage all Aboriginal women to become members. Together we resist. Together we rise.

We appreciate any donations that help us provide a voice for Aboriginal women and children to government.  

Build and share your knowledge of these issues. Keep in touch with EMH

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