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Our Impact

No matter your gender, race, or history, you all have the right to live free from violence, discrimination and to determine your own future.

As a community-controlled organisation, Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women’s Service (EMH) strives to overcome racial and gender-based violence by recognising First Nations women as rights holders, capable of determining their own futures.

The ongoing denial of First Nation women’s, children’s and communities’ self-determination is detrimental to breaking the cycle of racial and gender-based violence.

As a frontline service we are witness to the continued impacts of colonisation which operate through entrenched racism, institutionalisation, dehumanisation and gender-based violence of Aboriginal women and children. 

Grassroot voices have continuously asserted the significance of self-determination and cultural safety.

EMH continue our matriarchal legacy by upholding the rights of our women in everything we do, and defending those rights against policies and practices that continue to discriminate against us.

We uphold and defend First Nations Women’s and Children’s Rights in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discriminations Against Women, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


We are yet to identify a government organisation that has articulated a clear vision for what transformation looks like, adopted a strategy to achieve that vision, and tracked the impact of actions within the organisation (and in the services that it funds) toward that vision.
– Productivity Commission review of Closing the Gap, 2023

The rights enmeshed in the concept of “self-determination” includes, I would argue, everything from the right not to be discriminated against, the rights to enjoy language, culture and heritage, the right to be educated and to work, the right to be economically self sufficient, the right to be involved in decision-making processes that impact upon our lives, and the right to govern and manage our own affairs and our own communities.
Prof Larissa Behrendt (Eualeyai / Kamillaroi)

The issues

The impacts on our women and children

Family violence continues to rise against Aboriginal women and their children

(source: Vic Crime Stats, 2023)

More information: What is Family Violence, Family Violence Impacts

What that means for EMH and our community

We walk with our women to create  culturally safe, holistic support.

Demand for our

intake services has risen 20% over the past year with no funding increase

We have plans for a Women's Hub

'I’ve seen a change in my kids: Mum, I’m not afraid of dark anymore'

- said by a woman in refuge, yarning circles April 2023

Aboriginal women are the fastest growing group to be imprisoned nationally, with the rate tripling since 2007
(source: Corrections Vic, 2019)

We began pre and post release services - ReLink and ReConnect - in 2022.

We will support incarcerated women with an Australian first aboriginal healing unit

‘I appreciate how you show up at different points on a women’s journey and supporting them in various locations that are not always accessible such as courts, prisons etc’

- from EMH Stakeholder snapshot 2023

The impact of colonisation continues today, and we need social and emotional wellbeing support to thrive in a world continually discriminating against us
(source: Blagg et al, 2018)

83% of the women we work with in prison have an existing mental health diagnosis

We've extended our therapeutic services with our counselling program

'They’re there for me if I need them, but also give me my space if I want to be alone'

- Our long term case management sees our women supported through their whole journey

The long term impact of witnessing and experiencing racism and abuse last a life time
(source: ACMS, 2023)

Our collaborative approach to identify counselling support, housing options and other services, reduces the wait times for our women’s needs to be met.

Our long term case management approach means we've been able to assist a mother and her kids to have their first ever family holiday after supporting her through court issues and securing housing for her for example.

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We work together with Aboriginal Women within their communities to ensure safe and culturally strong futures for our women, children and youth.  Join us as we continue to work towards a future that is free from gender-based violence and all forms of discrimination that denies Aboriginal women and children their rights. 

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Issues that matter to us right now: 



Links for further information:

Our Annual Report

Who we are

Our Strategic Plan

Want to lend your voice?

Elizabeth Morgan House is a member based organisation and we encourage all Aboriginal women to become members. Aboriginal women heal Aboriginal women. 

We appreciate any donations that help us provide a voice for Aboriginal women and children to government.  

Build and share your knowledge of these issues. Keep in touch with EMH

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