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MARAM Collaboration and information sharing

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EMH invites you to attend our new workshop that provides helpful info about MARAM and working alongside Aboriginal people. This is a full day’s IN PERSON training including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


Please feel free to bring along your organisation’s flyers or service information for our resource table.


To make this event as Covid Safe as possible we will have:

- Socially distant room set up – 7 large round tables with 4 people on each

- Hand sanitiser and tissues available in the room

- Food to be served on individual plates (No tongs)

- Cold beverage to be individual serves (bottles)

- Hand sanitiser on coffee station with signage to encourage attendees to use before they touch the equipment

- Catering to be served in a separate large room with lots of space for attendees to spread out


Please click on the button to register your attendance at our upcoming training:

Sharing ideas, knowledge & experiences

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EMH is working to create useful resources to help you understand the MARAM Framework.

Email us at

if you have any questions or suggestions about MARAM and Information Sharing.

Click on the documents or their names to download.

Shared understanding of Family Violence.
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Pillars Responsibilities and Principles.
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