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2021-2022 Annual Report released

We are excited to release our latest Annual Report.

It has been a year of big changes and growth. As our Board Chair, Aunty Narelle says:

Service delivery will always remain the heart of what EMH does but now we are committed to growth and enhance strategic directions which require the improving internal structures and controls to provide the Board and the community with confidence that its growth is underpinned by strong foundations.

We've been around the state with our roadshows, 'Yarning about MARAM', received grants for our planned Aboriginal Women and Children's Centre, received a record number of donations and supported hundreds of families across Victoria, including:

  • found housing in hotels for 250 families over the pandemic via Victorian Government funded ‘From Homelessness to a Home’ (H2H) initiative

  • provided 152 nights of crisis accomodation across the Northern and Western metro region

  • case managed 476 women in the Northen and Western metro regions

  • welcomed 3 newborn babies at refuge.

Finishing the year with an operating surplus, we are able to plan for a number of future projects including:

  • Infrastructure Upgrades: the leasing of a new corporate office and a design and refit of Clarke Street to house our Hub and Therapeutic Counselling Program

  • Review of and redeveloped organisational structure to meet our strategic objectives

  • Increased advocacy statements and activity

  • Investments in effective and efficient systems and documentation to keep up with regulations and to manage growth.

Read more about what we've been up to:

EMH Annual Report 2022_compressed
Download PDF • 18.20MB

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