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Fact Sheets 

There are some key types of Family Violence - understanding what they are is important for everyone so we can identify if ourselves or someone we love are experiencing Family Violence.

Family Violence is used to gain power and control in a relationship. A person who uses violence can be a man or woman, a partner or an ex partner, a dependent child or a parent. 

Family Violence has a broad definition and extends to include anyone that you may have a close personal relationship with or you consider to be your family. All types of Family Violence are considered serious.    

Please find below downloadable posters and fact sheets, explaining some of the key indicators of each type of violence. 

Verbal Abuse

Sexual Violence

sexual abuse.png

Cultural Abuse

violence is not our culture.png

Social Abuse


Financial Abuse




Physical Violence


Emotional Abuse

Physical -2.png

Physical Violence


Emotional Abuse

Physical -2.png

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